Forest School

This week Reception started Forest School with Miss Owens.

The children loved the experience especially making bog babies.

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I wonder what adventures Reception will get up to next time?

Next week we will move on to mini beasts and we might even have some special visitors to class.

In maths we will be exploring doubling and the relationship to halving as well as adding groups of numbers.


Have a super weekend!

Mrs Bickle





World Book Day

Reception have had so much fun this week exploring our world book day story from another culture Handa’s surprise!

The children created a story map and used it to retell their story. They also created fantastic art work linked to the story, including still life paintings of fruit. In maths they used the fruit from the story to explore weight.

Look at all our fantastic costumes!

Next week we will be using ideas from Handa’s Surprise to write our own stories!

In maths we will be exploring halving, sharing and subtraction number calculations.


Talking homework

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Retell the story of Handa’s Surprise.

Talk about different foods using lots of super describing words.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Bickle and Reception class



Welcome back!

We hope everyone had a fantastic half term!

This week the children have been practising their computing skills by creating their own pictures on paint.

They were all so proud and wanted to bring them home to share. I hope you were as impressed as I was!

The children have also learnt how to scan QR codes on the iPad. They wrote words to match pictures and checked they were correct using the app.


Haydn: I like using the computer and helping others on it.

Olivia: We drew pictures using the mouse.

Charlie: I liked using the mouse and helping other people.

Daisy: I liked changing the colour and pens.

We have also been learning about distance and making maps!


Thank you for all the wonderful proud clouds that we have received already! It is lovely to share the moments with the class!

Next week we will be learning about weight and capacity in maths and our Literacy focus will be Handa’s Surprise!

We hope you have a super weekend.

Mrs Bickle and Reception Class

Chinese New Year – Part Two!




This week in Reception we have continued with our super creative work!

The children made their own interpretations of Chinese dragons and discussed how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Look at some of our fantastic creations below.


We made some Chinese Noodles to share with each other to celebrate the New Year.


We created lion masks and a class dragon to perform the lion dance to Nursery! We had lots of fun!


Next Half term Reception will be learning about animals and mini beasts as well as starting forest school!

We hope everyone has a wonderful half term.

Mrs Bickle and Reception Class


Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about:

Chinese New Year – Isaac M

We have made a Chinese dragon – Daisy

We have made our own lion masks – Olivia

We made a Chinese café corner – Ted

A Chinese New Year fan – Eliora

We were writing our names in Chinese – Theo

We have been writing sums in Chinese numbers – Charlie

Maths in Chinese – Jason

We have made lanterns – Emilia

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Reception have also learnt about the story of Nian the Chinese Dragon.

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Talking Home work – Can you tell your grown up about the dragon and what the villagers did to scare it away?

How is the story related to how Chinese people celebrate New Year?


This week we have thought of lots of different words for happy:

Lily – Glad

Jason – Delighted

Daisy – Joyful

Isabel – Content

Haydn – Ecstatic

Ted – Jolly

Juliet – Up hearted

It is great to see that the children are starting to use the new words in everyday situations!

Can you think different words for scared to share next week in class?



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Have a super weekend!

Mrs Bickle x



Fun in the Snow!


Reception had lots of fun in the snow this week! They created snow castles, wrote words in the snow and enjoyed collecting the snow in teams!

We have also been focusing on numbers 1,2 and 3 this week. We have learnt the number bonds that make each number and the subtraction facts.



This week to extend our vocabulary we have been looking at different words that mean sad. Thank you to the parents who helped the children share new words!

Olivia: Upset

Emilia: Miserable

Charlie: Downhearted

Ted: Melancholy

Talking homework: Can you think of any more? Can you use the new words in a sentence?

Next week we are going to change the sadness into happiness and explore the word:

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We Love to Read

It is amazing how far Reception have come with their reading skills this Year!

I am very proud of all their achievements.


The children work through sets of sounds from RWI, moving on to the next set when they are secure in reading their current set.

Set 1


Set 2

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Set 3

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Thank you to all the parent’s, grandparents and carers who support reading at home, it really does make a difference!

Talking Homework:

This week we have discussed real life superheroes.

Talk about the different people who help us and why they are super!

Thank you,

Mrs Bickle and Reception Class