Positional Language

The children have enjoyed using the Bee Bots to explore position. They programmed  the Bee bots to move between characters from The Three Little Pig story.

Haydn – We travelled around the world with the bee bots

Isaac A – You can move up down left and right.

Jason – You can turn it around to go to different places.

Outside we measured the distance between the houses in The Three Little Pigs.


Daisy – The stick house and straw were the shortest distance because there were 11 metres.

Theo – We saw that the brick house was 13 metres away from the stick house because there was more space and distance.

Ted – Each sticks had 100 centimetres!

Haydn – We counted them and it was 10 and 12 metres.

Lots of children challenged me today with lots of super hard maths, I even had to find a calculator to check my answers!

Daisy – There were tricky sums.

Matthew – There was 100 and a 1000.

We have also looked at our families and ordered them from the youngest to the oldest.


Talking homework – What things are living in the world? How do we change as we grow?See the source image


We are starting to get excited about Year 1 now! To help with the transition from Monday Reception will enter school through the library. This will support children in September as they will be used to the process. The lunch menu and bands will be next to the Library entrance.

Have a super weekend

Mrs Bickle and Reception




Good Friends Make the World!

This week in Reception the children have been thinking about what makes a good friend!

They enjoyed telling each other why they were a good friend!

They also made a friendship chain to share how they were going to be a good friend!


As a class we decided good friends:

Are Kind


Look After Each Other

Say Nice Things

Play Well

Are Caring

We have also played well together to create wonderful buildings from around the world!



I wonder what super builder creations we will think of next week!

Talking homework – Talk about different buildings around Newcastle – what shapes can you see?

See the source image

See the source image


Talking Points – Science

See the source image


Reception were victorious in their STEM week because of all the wonderful designing and experimenting they completed!

I thought it would be nice to share some photos so Reception can talk about all the super things they did!

Making solids from milk and vinegar:


Talking homework – What did we do to make the vinegar turn solid?

Turning Flowers red:


How can  you turn flowers red?


See the source image

This week we have started to use our new workbook as part of transition into Year 1.

Reception worked together to create  a new role-play area a construction shop for some little pigs, can you guess which ones?

On Friday everyone had lots of fun in their pyjamas!

Have a super weekend,

Mrs Bickle



Welcome to the Bug Hotel!

This week in our Forest School session I was so impressed with Reception! The children are all using the area so creatively and enthusiastically.

Daisy began the session by showing everyone an acorn – which many have been mistaking the pinecones in our area for. Today we made sure that all the pinecones we found were being correctly named ‘pinecones’.

The children worked in small groups to help make a Bug Hotel. They collected a range of natural resources and built a structure any stray insect would gladly investigate… Jason even made a sign, just to make sure they knew where to go.


A group of boys worked together to make a den using netting and logs. They demonstrated excellent collaborative skills as the constructed the den and happy to tell everyone how they made their den and how to use it.

The children have been practising using our new fire pit area. All the children have to follow the fire pit rules and, once they have mastered these, we have promised to have a real fire! We sang campfire songs all together with our fantastic voices, we are so nearly ready for the real deal.

At the end of the session the children shared their favourite things about Forest School and what they would like to do next…

Matthew, ‘I like making dens, but only for a short time.’

Charlotte, ‘I hope lots of bugs visit our hotel!’

Charlie, ‘I really want a real fire!’

Thanks for a fantastic session everyone.

Ms Owens

P.S Talk homework: Can you find out about any insects that might visit our hotel? I want to make a long list, so try and find as many as you can…


Goodbye Butterflies

We have had a very busy day in Reception today.

First we were busy completing super subtraction work using magic beans to create our own number problems!


Then in the afternoon we said goodbye to our friends the butterflies. The children set them free on the field and even had a chance to hold them whilst the butterflies prepared for their freedom to fly!


Talking Homework – Can you think of words to describe good and bad fairytale characters?

See the source image

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Bickle