Welcome Back Super Kids!

Welcome back Reception!

Reception have had a fantastic start to the new year and they are really enjoying our new superhero topic!

The children have created art work for  a superhero headquarters



Our focus book is SuperKid and we have been thinking about how we can all be super kids everyday:

Theo – Help people make Lego sets.

Haydn – Help people when the have been attacked by pirates.

M – Help people tidy up.

Isaac A – When someone is being bullied stop them.

Jason – Save people who are being chased by a bad guy.

Olivia – Save people in the fire.

Juliet – Save people when they fall over.

Eliora – Save people from the bad guy.

Aidan – Help tidy up when you have made a mess.

Ozim – Tidy up.

Ted – If someone is in danger help them.

Emilia – If people hurt themselves bring them to the teacher.

We have also enjoyed exploring 2D and 3D shapes, describing and sorting them:


We hope you have a fantastic weekend! We will see you next week for more superhero fun!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Reception have had such a fantastic term! It has been wonderful to see how much they have all grown up already!

They really do deserve a wonderful Christmas!

This week we have been celebrating all our hard work with some fantastic Christmas activities and parties and treats.

Haydn – We have been getting ready for Jesus’ birthday.

Juliet – We have been getting ready for Christmas.

Isaac A – We have been celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

M – We have been drawing pictures of Elves

Theo – We getting ready for the start of Jesus’ birthday.

Jason – Counting down to Christmas.

We shared a special class Liturgy to celebrate the end of our Advent topic, where we thanked God for Jesus and all the wonderful things that he gave us!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the wonderful wishes, cards and gift. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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Mrs Bickle, Mrs Khanum and Reception Class

Super Nativity!

Reception and Nursery made everyone super proud this week in their two Nativity performances, they sang beautifully and were wonderful at remembering their line!

Here are some wonderful photos of the performance:

The Nativity story is all about:

Haydn: It was about Jesus being born.

Jason: The Shepherds went to see baby Jesus.

Theo: It is all about Christmas.

Ozim: The star.

Emilia: The Shepherds are with the Angel.

Isaac: The three Kings followed the star to see Jesus.

Olivia: Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus.

Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you next week for more Christmas fun!

This week we have been exploring rhyming words. Why not challenge yourself to continue a rhyming string!



Mrs Bickle

Reception Class

MAD Week!

This week in Reception we have been very excited to learn about the MAD week focus painting, The Fighting Temeraire! We have created our own art work  with the painting or ideas from it in the style of modern artists such as Andy Warhol (POP art) and David Hockney (photo collages)!


We also enjoyed acting like sailors and walking the plank!


We have also learnt some new words this week!

Emilia -Tug boat is something that pulls along a ship.

Isaac – The steam from the boat.

Charlie – The steam helps the boat sail.

Olivia –  The sun sets it goes down and the sun rise goes up!


Talking Home work

Can you talk about the Andy Warhol art together?

What colours do you see?

What do you notice about the pattern?

Who created this art?

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Mrs Bickle and Reception Class

What could it be?

Reception were very excited to have a special letter delivered by Mrs Nealings!

Inside there was a mystery letter and puzzle piece.

We were challenged to guess what it could be.


Some of our ideas were:

Chinyere – It might be a seagull.

Olivia – Jungle with water on it.

Charlie – Lion.

Daisy – A beach.

Jason  – It could be a hamster.

Haydn – It could be my feet.

Emilia – Water with sunshine on top.


This week Reception have loved adding  in different ways:

Haydn – Using cubes

Juliet – Using numbers

Emilia – Dice

Daisy – Different ways of making numbers, bar models.

Ted – Cherries (Cherry diagram)






We are looking forward to finding out what the mystery puzzle piece is and playing in our new ship role-play!


This week in Reception we have had lots of fun making bread, just like the Little Red Hen!

The children used their reading skills to decode simple words and captions to follow the instructions to bake the bread.

It was a fantastic success at the children loved eating the freshly baked bread in the afternoon.



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Reception had a super Friday learning about and making poppies for Remembrance Sunday. They even made their own poppy biscuits to share with their buddy.

Next week we will be focusing on measurement in maths comparing lengths and measuring using non-standard measurements.

In Phonics we will focus on the ch, qu and ng sounds.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Reception Class